Meet The Founders

Meet Latarvia Davis

Latarvia Davis was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida. She is a wife and Mother of 6 children. She has always had a passion for children so she is very involved in her community. She is a Childrens Author and Owner and Founder of the Miss Poka Pageant Incorporated. The Miss Poka Pageant strives to teach girls ages 4 to 13 about confidence, faith, hair, hygiene, self defense classes, and etiquettes, all while building a sisterhood. We teach these young ladies life skills that they need in order to achieve their ambitions!! She aspires to try and build confidence in each child that she may come across because she knows the first steps to anything is simply having the confidence to do it. 

She knows she was simply put here to make a difference in each  and every child life that she connects with. She have learned that the two most important days of your life is the day you were born and the day you figure out why!!!

Meet Jhari Davis

Jhari Davis is 7 year old co- host for the #1 Children’s Pageants in the world, the Miss Poka Pageant. Jhari is a model, speaker, leader, and loves to teach young girls like herself to move in everything you do with a whole lot of confidence. Jhari aspire to be just as influential as her mom when she grows up.

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