Welcome to the Miss Poka Pageant, where girls aged 4 to 13 embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment! Beyond the glitz and glamour, our pageant instills invaluable life skills, from fostering confidence and faith to mastering hair care, hygiene, self-defense, and etiquettes. Through engaging workshops and mentorship, we cultivate a sisterhood where every participant learns to lift each other up and strive for their dreams with resilience and grace. Join us as we champion the next generation of confident, capable young women, equipped with the tools they need to conquer any stage and beyond!

What we offer our girls:

Confidence Building: Through workshops and activities, we empower girls to embrace their individuality and believe in themselves.

Hair & Hygiene: From hair care tips to personal hygiene practices, we ensure girls feel confident in their appearance.

Self-Defense Classes: Safety is paramount. Our self-defense classes teach girls valuable skills to protect themselves and build inner strength.

Etiquette Training: Politeness, respect, and manners are essential. We teach girls proper etiquette for various situations, empowering them to navigate social interactions with confidence.

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Enroll your daughter in Miss Poka Pageant and watch her blossom into a confident, capable young woman. Together, we'll equip her with the skills and mindset she needs to conquer any challenge and achieve her ambitions!


2024 Delegates Court

Miss Poka Petite 4 to 6 Division:

Carleigh Kendrick

Miss Poka Pretty 7 to 9 Division:

Carmyn Kendrick

Miss Poka Princess 10 to 13 Division:

Shirlea Sumlar